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Dartmouth Legal Advocates Working on Your Behalf

In addition to litigating personal injury cases, our litigation solicitors have extensive experience in other civil litigation matters, including wrongful dismissal, insurance claims, breach of contract, as well as disputes over land and commercial interests.


Representation — From Small Claims to Supreme Court

We represent clients at all levels of the court system, from Small Claims Court and the Court of Appeals through the Supreme Courts of Nova Scotia and Canada. Landry McGillivray also represents clients before administrative tribunals, regulatory bodies, and professional associations.


Skilled Advocates

At Landry McGillivray, we take pride in our reputation for skillful advocacy with a practical emphasis on exploring all possible means of settlement through negotiation or mediation. Only a firm with real courtroom experience has the credibility with insurers and opposing counsel to take the strong position in negotiations that our clients expect of us.


To request an appointment concerning your civil litigation case, call Landry McGillivray to speak with a lawyer. Our lawyers practising Civil Litigation are:


  • Peter Landry
  • Donald Shewfelt
  • Timothy Hall
  • Patrick Eagan
  • Mark Gardiner
  • Craig Arsenault
  • Aaron Schwartz
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